About Us

About Us

Al-Noor Quran Reading

Online education is becoming incredibly common in a world where the young generation spends a significant portion of their free time on the internet. Innovations in learning methods and the value of time have increased both the availability and demand for online education. Nowadays, it is simple to download useful books on learning Arabic and the Quran from the internet; there are also numerous audio and video lectures available. However, the interaction between a teacher and a student is a critical component of learning. The teacher can guide the student’s learning and monitor his or her progress and comprehension. As a result, the Al-Noor Quran Reading is a unique international project in the field of online education. You can learn Arabic and study the Quran at the Academy using the most advanced learning technology. You will be able to gain knowledge of the Quran through interaction with other project participants, connoisseurs of the Quran and the Arabic language, as well as students and those merely interested in the subject matter. Furthermore, you will have access to tools and programs that will assist you in solidifying your knowledge and consolidating everything you have learned.

Our Vision

Al-Noor Quran Reading was created specifically as a global Quran reading online School, with the goal of providing the simplest guidance in reading the Quran with the correct Quran rules. Reading the Quran online will provide you with various courses and levels for all or any Muslims around the world. We have no age or gender restrictions; our goal is to provide real learning Quran reading facilities to our people who can’t find a home-based permanent tutor for themselves. People can learn and understand the knowledge of the Quran, which Allah sent to us for our benefit, with the help of our English Quran reading abilities.

Some of the most major objectives of our Academy are listed below:

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