Quran Learning

Important Duas

  • Do you want to teach your children the Duas (daily prayers)?
  • Are you a new Muslim who is still learning about the different types of devotion and asking Allah (SWT) for forgiveness?
  • Do you want Allah’s (SWT) protection against evil at all times?

All of this and more is possible with the AlHuda Quran Academy Supplication (Dua) classes.

In the Quran [40:60], Allah (SWT) says:

“Call on Me, and I will answer you.” Those who despise My worship shall be cast into Hell as contemptible.

         Learning Duas is essential for every Muslim man and woman, especially Muslim children. This course will teach you or your children how to make dua online with highly qualified Islamic scholars in one-on-one sessions. You or your children can learn how to recite Dua correctly in Arabic, the best times to make Dua, and the rules of supplication on our platform. Our Islamic tutors will teach you Duas, or daily prayers, from authentic Hadith books and the holy book of the Quran.

This online course aims to teach all of the daily and essential duas that a Muslim should know and recite, as well as the proper way to make dua (supplication).

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